Letter from Executive Director

Dear Friends,

During times of unprecedented crisis and uncertainty, people harness a resilience they never knew they were capable of to unite with others and provide support. Boundaries disappear and communities rise through collective compassion and the belief that, together, we can overcome any challenge. That spirit of shared empathy and generosity has been evident yet again this year, not just in battling the COVID-19 crisis, but in the comprehensive shift we made together to navigate daily obstacles brought on by social and economic challenges.

Driven by your generosity during this 2020-2021 fiscal year, Kennett Area Community Service focused on our deep roots that support the community in Southern Chester County through food, housing, and crisis services. As we continue to see the sun emerging from the clouds of the past months, our roots are ready to branch out and continue to grow our reach with the hope of a new building on the horizon. A building that will strengthen how we help our neighbors and our connection with our agency partners.

As KACS continues to navigate through this new version of the world, I am gratefully aware that any progress in creating a community without poverty will be furthered by dedicated supporters like you. I value your steadfast commitment to ensuring our neighbors facing hunger, homelessness, and crisis have equitable access to food, shelter, and safety. We remain focused on ensuring the families we serve not only have housing and nourishment, but also stability, as the ripple effects of the pandemic persist. Thank you for your dedicated partnership in this mission. Together, we are emerging stronger and making a meaningful difference for hundreds of our most vulnerable neighbors in our community.

These pages are full of excitement and success stories which would not be possible without our amazing staff, volunteers, board members, supporters, and community partners. I want to personally thank every one of you for your time, commitment, dedication, and support over the past year. You are all AMAZING and I am so proud to be in the glorious whirlwind of awesomeness with each and every one of you.

Thanks for all you do to love your neighbor.

Leah M. Reynolds, M.S.P.L
Executive Director


Lynne D. Seligman, President

Leon Spencer, Vice President

Tom H. Musser, Treasurer

Christine Prisco, Secretary

Lenda Carrillo, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Lynn B. Majarian

Jim O’Neil

Bob George

David L. Myers

Peter Soraruf, MD

Lisa Teixeira

Ravi Jain


Leah M. Reynolds,
Executive Director

Amy Scheuren,
Program Director

Nancy Tapia,
Participant Advocate

Britton Elwood,
Operations Coordinator

Jess Peterson,
Community Coordinator

Gonzalo Cano,
Emergency Assistance

Elizabeth Flores,
Housing Stability Advocate

Keila Hernandez-Sullivan,
Emergency Assistance Advocate

Chrissy Wilcox,
Bridges Out of Poverty

Sheila Eames,

Linda Johnson,
Administrative Assistant

Sarah Golden,
& Development Associate

Lily Rodriguez,
Information Management Specialist

Jamie Kleman,
Engagement Strategist

Delaney Marin-Tapia,
Administrative Assistant

Britney Bautista,
Inventory & Warehouse Associate

Jasmin Castano,
Gift Processing Assistant

Carina Villagomez,

Lola Almanza,
Food Cupboard Data


Emergency Assistance

The KACS Emergency Assistance (EMA) Program faced a year filled with the continuing repercussions of the pandemic and adverse weather. Our EMA team averaged nearly three hours of case management per case, with households experiencing homelessness requiring up to 30.5 hours. KACS worked side by side with families in need to help them navigate the effects of everything from testing positive for COVID, whole-household quarantines, job loss without illness, to loss of income due to an adult staying home with children that were not in school or daycare.

Weather conditions also had a massive impact on our neighbors in need. One of our most vulnerable households consisting of a young mother and her two school-age children, found themselves displaced from their home for the second time in thirteen months due to flooding.

In August of 2020, Tropical Storm Isaias flooded the Avondale Apartments in Chester County and the family of three was forced to evacuate and lost food, clothing, furniture, and personal belongings. After months of searching for safer, affordable housing, the single mother and her children were left with no option but to return to their apartment.

A little over a year later, Hurricane Ida swept through the area and the units flooded yet again. This time the small family sought shelter with friends and relatives until KACS was able to stably rehouse them and assist with their first month’s rent and propane in a new rental in the Avon Grove School District.

We are proud of this beautiful success story, but the hard work continues as many at-risk families affected by the 2021 flood are planning to return to the apartments despite the continuous threat of flooding, and the lack of alternative housing is an ongoing issue throughout the area.

Collective Impact

Food Cupboard

This year found us continuing to navigate the COVID pandemic and economic crisis, which the Food Cupboard responded to with strong leadership and a focus on pivoting to meet the needs of our community. While the demand for food remained high, the supply chain and inventory issues resulted in a decrease from ten to three retail stores that were able to commit to consistent food donations. KACS handled this challenge by establishing new partnerships, securing monetary donations for use at grocery stores, organizing food drives and deliveries, and rallying volunteers to safely help our neighbors in need.

Our call to action was met with an answer of determined compassion. Through donations and direct purchases, KACS brought in and distributed almost half a million pounds of food, which sustained an average of 464 households per month. We offered shoppers a “food you choose” platform in a sanitized environment, creating choice and empowering people to help uplift them out of poverty with dignity. A significant new addition has been consistently providing milk, eggs, dairy, and a protein option during each visit, something we were not always able to offer in past years due to our reliance solely on food donations.

KACS welcomed back our volunteers in May, and in a year that continued to be difficult and uncertain, they showed up and gave 4,500 hours of their time to help feed our neighbors. From receiving, sorting, and distribution, to driving trucks and picking up food, our volunteers rose to the occasion once again.

Those volunteer hours reached outside the walls of 136 W. Cedar Street, with helping hands keeping our KACS on Wheels program serving 30 families per month, and bringing meals to 100 seniors at Luther House in West Grove.

Collective Impact

Getting Ahead Workshops

Although the pandemic put a hold on Getting Ahead workshops this fiscal year, KACS is now poised to reintroduce this powerful curriculum to the community. With a Bridges Out of Poverty Coordinator and a team of six trained facilitators, KACS will begin to offer two workshops (one in English and one in Spanish), two times per year. These in-person workshops will take place at Church of the Advent in Kennett Square, and hot meals and babysitting will be provided. KACS was proud of the eighteen graduates from our 2019-2020 cohort, and looks forward to the continued growth and success of this initiative.

The Getting Ahead workshop is a 16-session curriculum based on the Bridges Out of Poverty model that focuses on reducing poverty in a comprehensive way by developing a continuum of strategies for building prosperous and healthy communities.

Once an individual graduates from Getting Ahead, they will receive continued support with the Staying Ahead initiative, which offers key resources to obtain and maintain self sufficiency. Staying Ahead will be able to once again provide workshops, online resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship.

Help us help others

Visit www.kacsonline.net and hit the donate button from the comfort of your own home – nothing like being comfortable and doing good at the same time!

Encourage people to donate to KACS in honor of your birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion. Giving never felt so good!

Choose KACS as your charity of choice on www.smile.amazon.com

Checkout KACS Around Town on the homepage of www.kacsonline.com to see
businesses who are getting involved and giving back – KACS gets around!

Volunteer – visit www.kacsonline.net to get started today!

Donate food to our Food Cupboard – visit www.kacsonline.net to learn what items are needed and what days and times we accept deliveries. Sharing food is sharing love!

Start a Food Drive in your neighborhood, school, or office – share the thrill of giving! 

Visit www.kacsonline.net and hit the donate button from the comfort of your own home – nothing like being comfortable and doing good at the same time!

Encourage people to donate to KACS in honor of your birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion. Giving never felt so good!

Choose KACS as your charity of choice on www.smile.amazon.com

Checkout KACS Around Town on the homepage of www.kacsonline.com to see
businesses who are getting involved and giving back – KACS gets around!

Volunteer – visit www.kacsonline.net to get started today!

Donate food to our Food Cupboard – visit www.kacsonline.net to learn what items are needed and what days and times we accept deliveries. Sharing food is sharing love!

Start a Food Drive in your neighborhood, school, or office – share the thrill of giving!

Overall Donor Location

City                                                            Donors

Kennett Square                                    1,138      37.5%

Anonymous                                          417         13.8%

West Chester                                        288        9.5%

Chadds Ford Historic District            248        8.2%

Landenberg                                          203        6.7%

West Grove                                           137         4.5%

Avondale                                               132         4.4%

Wilmington                                           46           1.5%

Coatesville                                            31            1.0%

Glen Mills                                              20           0.7%

Cochranville                                         18           0.6%

Other                                                     353         11.6%

Total: 3,031                    

New Donors


City                                                            Donors

Kennett Square                                    381        37.5%

Anonymous                                           152        13.8%

West Chester                                        154        11.7%

Chadds Ford Historic District             118         8.2%

Landenberg                                           83          6.3%

West Grove                                            64          4.9%

Avondale                                                58          4.4%

Wilmington                                            30          2.3%

Coatesville                                             31           1.4%

Other                                                       255         19.4%

Total: 1,313                   

New Donors


                                                                Total #                    % of 
Donor Type                                         of Donors               Donors

Organizations                                   245                          8.1%

Individuals                                        2,786                       91.9%

Total: 3031   

Donors exclude Gift in Kind donations, only monetary, Gift Cards or Stock

Figures shown are unaudited. Audited financials will be available on our website or by request.


October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021



$25,000 and up
Anne Humes
Michael & Anne Moran
Lynne Seligman
Vicky L. Tribbitt
Olivia Avedisian
Rebecca Fitton
Art & Judy Goodkind
Arnold & Michele Klingenberg
William & Lynn Majarian
June C. Sitko
Michele Sullivan
Carol Elizabeth Ware
Lark  Worth
Argyrios Arvantis
Andrew & Priya Baraniak
Dierdra E. Bowditch
Jeffery Cohen
Kathleen Dougherty
Shelly  Dutton
John Hesselberth
Frieda L Hopkins
Amy Jackson
Anges Janoscrat
Daniel Kohler
B.M. Mayne
Jim McKeon
John Merrick
Lucy J. Oblonsky & C. Marc Doyle
Robert & Cynthia Pennartz
Elizabeth Simpson
Kathy Walker
Kaitlyn Ward
Stanley Wilcox
Melissa  Wilson
Robert  Antonio
James Argento
Dennis E. Arrouet
Julie Auger
Melanie Augustin
Beverly Bach
Cheryl Barnett
Sidney Bean
Pamela Biddle
Joseph  & Alison Biloon
Clinton & Rosa Blackwell
Randall Blanchard
Stanley & Deborah Blazejewski
Wesley & Annette Bowers
Nancy Bowley
Richard & Heidi Brown
Scott Brown
Dale & Carol Buckley
Michael Buek
Bill Bullotta
Carol Butler
John Caldwell
Lynn Calehuff
Kevin Call
Linda Carter & Patrick Hardesty
Melanie Chadwick
Charles & Elinor Kruger
Lee & Stephanie Ciccarelli
Mary Jo Ciganek
Joseph & Suzanne Claricurzio
Norma Closs
Shannon Collins
Lynn Colvin
Michelle Connolly
Lindsay Cook
Dan Coppens
Kendal Corp
Frank & Evelyn Corrado
Gaile & George Cousens
David Crawford
Karen Cromley
Neil & Elizabeth Cullen
Peter & Lucy D’Angelo
Stuart and Ellen Davies
Drew C Davis
Gourmet’s Delight
James & Theresa DePascale
Caitlin Detzel
Anthony Devitto
Doug Doren
Phil & Mary Duncan
Luther Dunlap
William & Janet Eaton
Harold  & Karen Fatzinger
Erin Fender
J. Steven Fender
William Firth
Robert Fisher
Charles Ford  & Mary Lou
Phyllis Recca
James Fox
Suzanne Gallagher
Richard  & Lisa Giacco
Bernadette Gialloreto
David Hall
Paul W. Halter
Leslie Hammer
Judith Hanford
Sara Harris
Stephen H. & Wendy Harris
Robert & Veronica Haubert
John & Barbara Heald
John Heilman
Christine and Joseph Herdman
Joseph & Linda Hertrich
Samantha Hidlebird
Doris Hoffman
Frederick & Kathleen Hoge
Lawrence Hoh
Mary Ann Holt
Anna Hull
Robert Jansen
Betsy Johnson
Rudolph F. Karkosak
Reeny Kelly
Mark & Terri Kenyon
Chris King
Richard King
Gerald Koren
William & Patricia Kotkin
Robert & Linda LaMantia
Eva M Lessig
Dave Lowe
Francis Lutz
Brenda Macaluso
Ian & Mary MacKinnon
Pete Marcolina
Ulrike Martin
Daniel & Jessica Matthews
Daniel Mauch
Carol A Mayo
Laura McCann
Beverly McCausland
Michael McCormick
Frank & Margaret McCown
Robert  & Diane McGovern
Carol McLachlan
Jane McMillan
James & Barbara Mercante
Neil and Anne Millman
Louis & Megan Minella
Florence  & James Mini
Leslie Moore
Rodman Moorhead III
Carolyn Mostyn
Bonnie Musser
Robert & Debra Norris
Timothy Norton
Barbara O’Connell
James O’Neil
Matthew & Judith Ochs
James & Sally Palic
Jennifer Panaro
David Park
Lisa  Payne
David Peacefull
Cathleen Peipher
Brian & Kay Preston
Christine T Prisco
Alan & Marilyn Quinn
J. F. & Theresa Quinn
Lorin Randall
Wayne & Mary Anna Reimann
Mary Ricardo
Patricia Richards
Roland Riggins
Maria Robinson
Barbara Rowley
Martin Sarkissian
Michael Sauder
Alfred Sauer
Jason Schaefer
Lewis & Sharon Sears
Michael & Deborah Sears
Howard Seidel
Christian  & Anne Seimer
Kathy Shady
Barbara Shaffer
Heather Shank
Kathryn Sharp
Gary & Deborah Shields
Jeffery Siemsen
John Siepelinga
Mr & Mrs Robert Jr Silliman
Sharon Small
L. Peter & Susan Soraruf
Grace Spampinato & Edward Charlton
Mary Anne Sparks
John J. Stephens
Tim Stephey
Mae Sterrett
Janelle Steves
Dari Sweeton
Pamela Szarka
Natalie  Thomas
Linda M. H. Traver
Elise Trivett
Mary Jo Tucker
Elizabeth & Burling Vannote
Lizzie Vannote
Mary Vanveen
Mark & Elizabeth Vergnano
Betty Warner
Verne Weidman
Samuel & Winifred Wharry
Kathleen A. Wileczek
Thomas Wilson
Shelley Withers
David Wright
Carol & Jeff Yetter
John Harper
Up to $1,000
Caitlyn Abate
Catherine Abdel-Salam
Robert Abes
Kathleen Achuff
Gregory Acland
Kathrine Acland
Kurt Adams
Karlis Adamsons
Nora Adelmann
Vicki Adey
Michael & Nancy Agnew
Thomas Akana
Heather Albee-Scott
Shannon Albert
Harry Alberts
Diane Albertson
Jack & Margaret Albright
James A Aldridge III
Constance Alegranti
Debra Alesantrino
Brigitte Alexander
Alexander & Doranne Easler III
Allyson Alimansky
Stephen Allaband
Pamela Allegretto
Stephen Allegretto
Cassandra Allen
Diana Allen
Pamela Allenstein
Shipley  Allinson
Colleen Allison
Kevin & Lynda Allred
Michael  Altman
Gaida Ambrosio
Dawn Amey
Roger & Karen H. Ammon
G B & E M Amoss
Joshua & Karen Amoss
Gina Amsbaugh
James Anderson
Rex Anderson
John Andes
Jane Andrews
John Andrews
Eleni Angelakos
Victor Antes
Thomas App
Kristi Applbaum
Mike  & Dina Appleby
Paula & R. Douglas Appleton
Gretchen Apps
Katy Araujo
Ben  Arbaugh
Jacqui Arcidiacono
Carol Armstrong
Constance Arnold
Nancy Arnosti
Kim Asarta
Jane Ash
Heike Assmus and Kai-Volker Schubert
Jeannne Astifan
Steve Atkinson
Susie Aubuchon
Lisa Auerbach
Dr. Andrew & Patricia Augustine
David  Aument
Brenna Austin
Alethea Avatara
Denise Avayou
Christine Azar
Dennis & Holly Babcock
Edward & Laura Babiarz
Carl Baccellieri
Sylvia Bachman
Beverly Back
Lyndon Back
Nathaniel & Corina Bacon
Sandra Bahel
Jean Baiardi
Chetan Baijal
Patricia Baily
Ann A. Baines
Bonnie Baird
Barbara Baker Walsh
Crystal Baker
Joan Baker & Ben James
Lorie Baker
Peter Baker
Phoebe  Baker
Rita Baker
Tracy Bakowski
Lisa  & Henry Baldwin
Samantha Balick
Virginia Balke
Botond Balogh
Kathy Balsley
Wallace & Kathryn Balsley
Sugandha Banerjee
Nancy Barakat
Amy Baram
Michael Baratta
Tory Baratta
Donna Barbagallo
J.Paul Barber
Leonore & Sidney Barber
Edward Bardzik Jr
Janet Barger
Bill Barkdale
William Barksdale
Ralph Barndt
Barbara Barnes
Effie Barnes
Marsha Barnett
Ann Marie Barr
Susan Barracca
Lisa Barrickman
John  & Kathleen Barron
Ed Barrow
Michael Barry
Stella  Barry
Susan Barth
Richard Barto
Suzanne Barton
Joyce  Basciani
Vincent & Jennifer Basciani
Lynne & Lawrence Basilio
Megan Basilio
Richard E. Basilio
Robert Basilio
Sean Basquill
Christien Bass
Mary Ann Bassett
Lisa Bates
Valerie Battista
Robert Baughman
Alvina Baxter
Daniel & Mary-Lee Beaton
Justin Beatty
Mark Beauchamp
Avis Beck
Carolyn Beck
Dorrothy Beck
John Beck
Susan Beckerdite
Mary Beckman
Natalie Beckwith
Jill  Beech
John & Diane Beeson
Janet Beiler
John Beitler
Phyllis Beitler
Neal & Karen Belgam
Cheryl Bell
Michael & Lisa Bell
Ellen Bellone
Carla Belohoubek
Klaus Belohoubek
Marlene Belohoubek
Laura Benincasa
Alison Bennett
Bonnie & Michael Bennett
Francis Bennett
John G. & Louise Bennett
Lisa Bennett
Julie Bensen
Douglas Benson
Heidi Benson
R.N. Benson
Paul  & Henrietta Bente
Charles Benzel
Amy Berg
Michael  Berg
Alfred Bergbauer
Charles Berger
Scott  & Erin Bernberg
Linda Berndt
Richard Bernhard
Steven Bertrando
Thomas Bertrando
Sheldon Bertz
Richard Betzendahl
Shazia Bhat
Donna Bialach
Lisa Bickhart
Ross Bickhart
Faith  Bickley
Robert & Jeanette Biddle
Carol Biederman
Suzanne  Bigler
Joseph  & Bridget Bilek
Michael Bille
Mary Ann Biller-Fischetti
Sarah Binder
James Biniasz
Rosemary A. Biondi
Susan Birch
Robert  & Duval Bird
David Bissett
William Biter
Donald  & Linda Bivens
H Robert Black Jr.
David & Kathleen Black
Melinda Black
Elizabeth Blackburn
Herbert Blackwelder
Neal Blanchard
Carol Bland
Victor Blankson
Stuart Blanton
Gerald Bloch
Morton Block
Katherine J. Blumberg
David & Linda Bockoven
Edward Boeggeman
Michael Bogazis
Sean Bogda
Charles Boley
Jennifer Bollacker
Barbara Bolton
William Boney
Barbara Bonk
Eileen Bonner
Marge Booth
Maryanne Booth
Sal Bordanaro
William & Elfriede Borst
John Borton
James  & Kimberly Boruch
Elizabeth Boschulte
James Jr. & Deborah Bosley
Stephen & Amy Bossong
Gina Bosworth
Fawne Bouchard
Alex & Diane Bove
Christoper & Beverly Bove
Marsha  & John Bove
Gail Bowden
Roz Bowden
Fred  & Jean Bower
William Bowman
Sutapa Boyd
Alton & Betty Boyer
Kathleen Boyer
Kevin  & Gerry Boyle
Michelle Boyle
Ryan Boyle
William Boyn
James A. Bozin
Laurel Brabson
Dennis Brackeen
Leslie Bracken
Donald J. Bradt
Nathaniel Brady
Patricia & David Brady
Ann E. Brady-Ahdieh
Sally & Wayne Braffman
Maryanne & Nathan Bragaw
Rebecca Bramble
Noel Brandon
Josh Brandt
William Brankowitz
Brandon Brannon
Edmund & Patricia Bransfield
Briana Brant
James A. Brant Jr.
Clare  & Peter Breene
Peter Bremer
Bruce Brenn
Joseph  & Helen Brennan
Terrence Brennan
Lynn Brenner
Vivien Brewer
Kathleen Brewer-Smyth
Angel Brice
Dr. B. Gerard Bricks
Darlebne Brigance
Darlene Brigance
Jane P. Brigman
Steven  & Maryann Brillhart
Joan Bristol
Rochelle Brittingham
Richard & Nancy Broadbooks
Linda Brodeur-Cangi
James  & Karen Brofee
Hillary Brogan
Rob Brooks
Shannon Brooks
Kevin Brophy
Bruce Brosi
Virginia Brothers
Chris  & Angel Brown
David & Susan Brown
Donna Brown
Laurie Brown
Marlene  Brown
Mary Alice James Brown
Michael Brown
Peyton Brown
Susan and Martin Bruegel
John Bruhn
Wayne Bruhn
Steve  Brun
Lisa Bryant
Michael Bucci
Brian & Colleen Buchanan
Julie Buchanan
Neil Buchanan
Sandra Buchanan
Bill Buck
David & Eleanor Buck
Robert & Joan Buck
Dean Buckius
Carol  Buckwalter
Michele Budicak
Gary J. Buehler & Kathleen Frost
Tom Buglio
Jeff Buler
Wayne Bullaughey
Amber Buller
Jane Burgarella
John Burke
Thomas  & Jean Burke
Catherine & Christopher Burkett
Edith Burkey
Dyanna Burns
Ashley Burslem
Robert Burton
Stephen Bushnell
Allison Butler
Peter Buttenheim
Jeffrey & Paula Byrem
Kathleen Byrne
Sharon  Caffrey
Mary Cahalan
Thomas & Barbara Cahill
Joshua Cain
Joseph & Tammy Cairns
Susan Caldwell & Trudy Rossiter
James & Susan Calio
Jeffrey  Call
Michael Callahan
Catherine Campbell
Elaine Campbell
Robert & Joan Campbell
Rosalind H. Campbell
Ava Cannon
Kati Capitan
Richard Caplan
Maria Cappelli
William and Ruth Carl
Maureen Carlin
Heather Carlino
Joan Carman
Douglas & Doris Carnage
Kristina Carosella
Augustine & Nancy Carozzo
Tom Carpus
Gene Carr
Lenda Carrillo
Stacey Carroll
Ryan Carruthers
Elizabeth Carson
Edward & Kathleen Carter
Natalie Carter
John Casassa
Joseph  & Susan Casavant
Steven Casey
Kelly Casper
Denis  Cassidy
Michael Cassidy
Leigh Castle
Steven Castleton
Rich & Nancy Astor
Carol  Catanese
Colleen Cathers
Marybeth Celello
Lauren Cell
Lauren Cellucci
Rebecca Cellucci
Brenda Chambers
Sharon Chambers
James Chance
Joan Chance
Clay Chaney
Billy & Peggy Channell
Erika Chase & the Snyder Family
Anne Cheney
Anne Chester
Yin Cheung
Dexter Chisholm
Jennifer Chong
Nidhi Chopra
Daniel Chow
Vinay Chowdhry
Frank  & Margaret Christian
Eric  & Hannah Christopher
Cooey & Theadora Chung
Christina Church
James Ciarrocchi
Bob Cirino
Dawn Clancy
Janice Clarke
Patricia Clarke
Jenny Cleare
Marion & Alison Clements
Barry Cobb
Anne Cobuzzi
Christopher Cocores
Cynthia Coe
Sarah Coffey
Heidi & Thomas Cofran
Dorothy Cohen
Nancy  Cohen
Charles Cole
Leslie Cole
Margaret A. Cole
Stephen & Joy Cole
Cathy Colella
Anne Coleman
Carol  Coleman
Cynthia Coleman
Alan & Susanne Collander
James  & Tina Collins
Laurie Collins
Regina & Mary Collins
Ronald  & Nancie Congemi
Walker  & Marie Conkin
Karen Conlan
Willard & Kathryn Conley
Christine Conn
John Conner
Eric  & Heather Connolly, Avondale
Eric Connolly, KSQ
Jill Connolly
Francis Connors
Denine Constable
Robert Cook
Chelsea Cooper
Wendy Cooper
Marsha  Cope
Karin Corbett
Shauna Cordrey
Richard Corkran
Amy Cormier
Suzanne D. Cornell & Matt Varhola
Susan Cornett
Bonnie & Joseph Corrado
Amy Corron
Daniel & Linda Costa
Séamus Costello
Valerie Costigan
Stacey Cotrotsios
Emily Cottle
Leonard Cotton-Orlando
Thomas & Sally Coultes
Todd  Cousineau
Thomas Cousins
Kathryn Coutes
Cynthia Cox
James Cox
Douglas and Doris Cranage
Robert & Diane Craw
Anne Crawford
Chandra Crawford
Lisa Ann Crawford
Ruth Crawford
Barbara Creed
Sharon & Bob Crimian
Kristin Crisafulli
Mike Crisafulli
James Cronin
Rosemary Cross
Christie Crossman
Willliam & Judith Crow
Carol Crowder
Nancy Crowe
Caroline Cullen
Addie Cummings
Leslie & Sandra Cunningham
Robert  & Janet Curran
Thomas  Curry
Patricia Curtin White, M.D. & Family
Evan Curtis
Stacey Curtiss
William Cuthbert
Keith Cutrufello
Mariane Cutrufello
Jeanine Czubaroff
Karen R. D’Agusto
Steven  & Amber D’Angelo
David  & Kathleen D’Antonio
Ralph D’Antonio
Mary Jo Dagney
Cosimo Daiello
Katherine Dale
Dale & Joyce La Bar
Rose  & Lawrence Dale
Donna and James Daniels
Stephen Dargitz
Steve Dargitz
Lori Darkow
Vicki J. Dash-Slesinski
Rajeshwari Dave
Kevin Davenport
Carol Davidson
Allan Davis
Bonnie Davis
Dave Davis
Deborah  & Sarah Davis
Gary Family Davis
Matthew J. Davis
Michael  & Carol Davis
Richard & Carol Davis
Susan Davis
Suzanne M. Davis
Ellen Davison &Paul Orsini
Susanna R. Davison
Akin and Heather Davulcu
Janet Day
Maria De La Luz Deluce
James Dean
Kathy  Dean-Bradley
Dominic & Barbara DeCarlo
Harold & Kathleen DeHaven
Rachel DeHaven
Thomas & Gloria Del Conte
Joseph & Judy Del Ferro
Jaime Del Palazzo
Iliana Delarosa
Michele Delduco
Lisa DeLeonardo
Cindy DelGiorno
Justin Dellert
Connie DeLorimier
Anne Marie DelRossi
Mary Deluca
Ralph Delvecchio
Arthur DeMarco
Frank DeMarinis
Robert Denitzio
Sandra Denmark
Kimberly Denning
Quinn Denning
Dennis Michael & Carola
Stephen M. Denno
Stephen & Linda DePaoli
Exelon Transportation Department
Frederick Jr. & Karen Derasmo
Joseph Derickson
Elizabeth DeRosa
Beverly Desanto
Richard  & Rosemary Detskas
Rosemary Detskas
Charles  & Janet DeTulleo
Thomas Detweiler
Michael Devane
Jack & Mary Louise Devido
Marie Devine
Lode Devlaminck
Joyce  & David Devoe
Jennifer Dianastasis
Steven Diblasi
Franco DiCarlo
Ann Dickey
Carrie A. Dickmann
Frank & Aurora Dickson
Thomas & Janet DiCola
Joseph DiDiego
Jennifer DiFelice
Eugene DiFilippo III
Patricia Diggin
Pattie Diggin
Philip & Marie DiGiulio
Jane  Dilley
Anthony & Cheryl DiMatteo
Joseph DiNatale
Julie DiNatale
Judith & Bruce Diner
Lucy Dinsmore
Mary Dirnberger
Barbara DiSabatino
Ronald DiSabatino
Carolyn Diser
Katherine Dixon
Richard Dodson
Doug Doerfler & Anne Ashbrook
William  & Heather Dolan
Brett A Dolente
Edward  Donnelly
Linda Donnon
Audrey Donohue
David Donohue
Paul Donohue
Kevin Donovan
Caroline Dougherty
Joseph Dougherty
Kimberly Dougherty
Rose L Douglass
Gerald Dowling
Denise Doyle
Michele Doyle
John Drake
Corwin & Kay
Jim Draper
Reeve Draper
Lee Dresser
Marlene Drewes
Jeffrey Dreyer
Rebecca Dripps
Gary Drumheller
Emily Dryden
Mary Du Pont
Susan  Dubowy
Kate Dubroff
Jorge Duchini
Tammy Duering
Janet Duffy
Vicki Dugan
Vincent Dugan
Michael Duggan
Charlie Dunbar
David Dunbar
Cynthia Duncan
James Duncan
Mary Duncan
Scott Duncan
Courtland Dunn
Richard & Marianne Dunn
Robert & Margaret Dunn
Valerie Dunn
Faith Dupuis
Bill Durkin
Michael Durning
Maryann Duva
Jeffrey Dye
Sarah Dye
Chris and Rob Dzedzy
Debra Ebling
Sina Ebnesajjad
Karen Eckard
James  & Suzanne Edgar
Elizabeth Edge
Edmond Du Pont
Donna Edwards
Erin Edwards
Janet I. Edwards
Charles  & Margaret Egli
Debora Ehlers
Randall Ehman
Matthew J. Eichmann
M. Catherine Eick
Ann S. Einstein
Bruce Einstein
Stephen Eisel
Andrew Elia
Jake & Susan Elks
Janet  Elling
Elisabet Elliot
Donna Elliott
James & Marie Elliott
Michael Ellis
Morgan Ellithorpe
Jason Ellsworth-Aults
John & Eleanor Elwood
Dana & Keith Ely
Raymond & Mary Ann Emerson
Katy Emmi
Angela L. Emrich
Susan Engberg
Ronald Engle
Lisa English
Anna Ensor
Stephen  & Pamela Eppes
Duane Erdmann
Jeanette  Erhardt
Beth Erisman
Megan Errico
Kaitlyn Ersek
Rodrigo Estacio
Michael Estep
Chris Etherington
Kimberly Evans
Matthew Evans
Patricia Evans
Leighton Everhart
W. Joseph Faassen
Mary  Fahner-Short
Kelly Faia
Kelsea Fairchild
Cynthia Falcoff
Lawrence Falkenau
Cindy Falteich
Farkas Family
Randel Farabaugh
Cayce  Farina
Alicia Farley
Gordon & Shirley Farquhar
Janet Fassbender
Ann Faulds
Jacquie Faulkner
East Lynn Grange
Nora Favorov
Jeff Feit
Abbe Feledick
Janet Fender
Ros Fenton
David Ferguson
Theresa Fernandez
Ryan Ferraioli
Debbie Ferrell
Ann Ferron  &  David
Marion Fielding
Fred Fieni  & Rose Marie
Daniel Fincken
Tracy and Saul Fink
Amy Finkbiner
Janice Finn
Eileen Finneson
Gina Fioravanti
Ingrid Fischer
Laura Fischer
Richard Fischer
Robert Fischer
Anne Fisher
Bob Fisher
Susan Fisher
Renee Fitzgibbon
Dorothy Flanagan
Ronald & Carolyn Flegel
Elliott Flick
Lawrence Flood
Sally Flynn
John & Kathy Foderaro
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Fogarty
Edward  & Donna Foley
Edward M. Foley
Marla Folio
Daniel Folmar
Helen H. Ford
Joe Ford
Joan  Forman
Adrienne  & Stuart Fornoff
Richard Forte
Karen Forwood
Jim Fossler
Kathleen Foster
Lynch Charitale Foundation
Darrin Frampton
Richard  Francisco
Colette Franck
Christiaan Francke
Esme Frangiosa
Eva Frank
Inga Frank
George & Florence Franz
Kammy Franz
Matt Freeman
Johnathon Frei
Steven & Kathryn Freilich
F. Mariano Freire
Sarah French
Suzanne P. Franey
Vivian Fresco
Lillian Frey
Emidio & Barbara Frezzo
Maureen Fricker
Christine Friend
Joanne  Fritz
Kathleen  Frost
Carolee Frye
Jessica Fuentes
Lois Fulton
William Fulton
Jonathan Furlong
Heidi Furr
Marian  Fuson
John M. Gaadt
Robyn Gable
Austra Gaige
Colleen Gaiski
Lele Galer
Andrew Gallagher
Darrell Gallagher
Karen Gallagher
William & Adrienne Gallagher
Jillian Galle
Glynis Gallivan
Kenneth & Carol Anne Ganly
Dan Gannon
Ronan  & Mary Gannon
Carl & Linda Gansky
Chudawan Garcia
Alison Gardy
Lisa Garrett
Andrew Garver
Carey Garvey
Charmaine & Spencer Gates
Carol Gaumer
Sharon Gausch
Mary Gaver
Frank Gay
Judith K. Geiser
Eva Gemrich
Janice Geniviva
Robert and Jane George
Carmen  Giannantonio
Barbara  Giarrocco
Josh Gibson
Robert  & Michele Giffin
John & Victoria Gilbride
Vickie Gilbride
Margaret  Gilday
James & Deborah Gillespie
Leo Gilmore
Sheila Gilmore
Margaret Gilmour
Charles Ginty
Patricia & Joseph Giordano
Joyce Gizzio Markland
Sharon L. Glasier
Varsha Godambe-Jain
Kenneth Goddu
Shawn & Douglas Godfrey
David & Suzanne Goehringer
Jill Goldman
Jennifer Goldstein
Joseph & Linda Gonczi
Michele Gonzalez
Ellen L. Good
Jerene Good
Jane Goodman
M.J.  & Donna Goodman
John & Mary Jo Gorcyca
Elizabeth Gordon
Thomas E. Gore
Svetlana Gorelik
Michael  Gorman
Lisa Gosselin
Charles Gosselink
Jennifer Gottesman
Diane Gouge
George  Gower
Nancy Gower
Noelle Graden
Pomona Grange
Meredith Graves
Marisa Gravina
Grayfred Gray
Robert & Mary Gray
Jocelyn Grazela
Margaret Greecher
Robert H. Greeley
Sheila Green
Jonathan Greene
Lija Greenseid
Brian Greenstein
Kimberly Griego-Boruch
Betty Lou Griffith
Marianne Griffith
Ronald Grimm
Emilie Grouzes
Robert Gruetzmacher
Kathleen Grugan
Nate Guers
Elizabeth Guest
Stella  & Steven Guest
Gildo & Michele Guizzetti
Kulveen Gulati
Francine Gulino
Tara Gundaker
Adrianne Gunton
Sherry Guo
Vineet Gupta
Patricia Gurev
Kathy Gurnee
Jordan  & Renee Gushurst
Joseph  Gushurst
Maurice & Marilyn Gustin
Daniel Gutierrez
Michael Guttman  & Lynn Wachman
Meredith Gwynn
William Haaf
Christina Hack
Janelle Hadly
Sara Hafner
Henry & Theresa Hagerty
Mary Haicken
Susan Haid
I.K. Haight
Amy Haines
Jean Haines
Beverly Halchak
Lisa Haldas
NIcholas & Rodie Haldas
J Paul  & Janet Haldeman
Cheryl Haley
Jeffrey & Kathleen Hall
Dick & Marcia Hall
Margaret Hall
Rena Hallam
Karen D. Halstead
Diana Hamilton
Kenneth & Beryl Hamilton
Dean  & Julie Hammond
Eleanor E. Hammond
Louise and Robert Hammond
Kimberly Hanigan
Jack Hannon
Chris Hansell
Navjot Hanspal
Susan  Hanway
Barbara Harding
Lisa Hardy
Maurice & Judith Hare
Joseph & Jeanne Harkins
David & Ashley Harris
Kim Harris
Matthew  & Susan Harris
Faith Harrison
Paul Hart
Sheri Harten
Mary Haslego
Veronica Haubert Veronica
Ryan Haught
Dora Hauser
Holle Hausmann
Julie  Hawkes
Brian Hawkins
Marc Hawkins
Twonette S. Hawkins
Alan & Marian Hay
B. Jeanie Hayes
Robert & Ellen Hayes
Theresa  Haynes
John & Sandra Hazzard
Xueyang He
Marion Heacock
Evan Heald
Judith Heald
Rosemary Hearn
Christa Henry
Larry Hecht
Barbara Heck
David & Barbara Heckman
Jennifer Heckman
Scott Hedgepeth
Richard & Susan Hedrick
Chris Heiler
Debbie Heilman
Martin Heintzelman
Patricia Heldt
Jeffrey & Elizabeth Hellrung
Michael & Amy Helm
Todd Helmecki
Erin Henderson
Erin Hendrickson
James Hendrickson
Parker Hendrix
G. M. Hennes
Robert  & Margaret Hennes
Lisa Henriksen
Marianne Henry
Robert Henry
Judith Herdeg
David Herr
Mary Herr
Susan Herr
Ron & Tanya Herrschaft
Nanci L. Hersh
Pat Hershey
Amy Hertzog
John  & Carrie Hess
Charles Heverly
Thomas Hewston
Mary E. S. Hickman
Margaret Hicks
Richard  & Diane Hicks
Jane Higgins
Mark Highland
Willa J. Hightower
Charles  & Sara Hill
Edwin Hill
Lawrence Hill
Bonita Hillard
Jean Hillegass
Patty Hillkirk
Elizabeth Hinckley
Judith A. Hinds
Roger and Nancy Hiss
David Hissey
Dave Hoagland
Eric Hoberg
Diane Hochstuhl
John Hodges
Karen Hoess
Deborah Hoffman
Diane Hoffman
Matthew & Whitney Hoffman
Renee Hoffman
Valeriana Hoffman
Kelly Hoffmann
Suzanne Hoffmann
Tracy Holcomb
Brian & Denise Holden
Michael & Sherri Hollick
Robert & Joan Holliday
Jane Holloway
Mary Jane  Holloway
Elizabeth Ann Holman
Daniel Holmes
Gail Holton
Jean Holveck
Karen Holveck
David Homer
Jason Homick
Ruth S. Hoopes
Amanda Hoover
Anne Hope
David Hopkins
Jo Ann Hopkins
Tim Horan
John  Horn
Teri Hornbach
Thomas & Jennifer Horne
Paula E. Horner
Karolyn Horowitz
Charles Horton
Jessica  Hose
George Hostetler
David Hostetter
Nancy Howard
Kevin  & Robin Howell
Michael Howell
William  & Mary Lou Howell
Alan Hubbell
Carol Hubben
Avis Huber
Betsy E. Huber
Bruce Huber
Edith Huber
John  & Susan Huber
Neil Huber
Gail Hudson
Ken Hudson
Dorothy Huf
Mariana  Hufford
Michael Huggins
Emmett Hughes
Jeanne Hughes
Joseph Hughes
Robert  Hughes
Susan Hughes
Susan and Al Hughes
Christoper  & Suzanne Hughson
Terry Humfeld
Willard D.Humphrey
Cynthia Hunderuk
Richard & Catherine Huneke
Wayne & Kathy Hunter
Gertrude  Huntington
Diane Hurley
John & Irene Hurley
Rossana Hurley
Catherine & Joseph Huston
William Jr & Mary Hutchins
Paul Hutchison
Kenneth & Jeanne Hutton
Rudolf & Elizabeth Hutz
Kara Hyman
Sharon Iacoangelo
Albert & Mary Iacocca
Christopher Iacono
Darlene Ianni
Dee Idnani
Thomas Iervolino
Christine & Edmundo Iglesias
William Iliff
Emily Infanti
Betty Inskip
Helene Intraub
Ksenia Ireland
Gary & Barbara Irwin
Leigh Irwin
Carolyn Isakoff
Elizabeth Ivey
Alexandra Jaccard
David Jackson
Jim Jackson
Sharon Jackson
Susan Jackson
Mike Jacobetz
Michael Jacobi
Geoffrey Jacobs
Stephanie Jacobson
Ronald Jacobus
Robert Jaffa
Carla Jaffey
Sharrona Jaikaran
Ravi Jalluri
Melissa James
Wendy Moerder James
ashley jansen
Toni Jaros
Warren Jarratt
Nitika Jassal
Ann Louise  Jeffery
Lynn-Michele Jennings
Mary Ann Jernegan
Jan Jessup
Judith Jester Durante
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Jester
Catherine Johns
Jennifer Johns
Robert Johns
Tom Johns
Anne Johnson
B. Johnson
C.L. Johnson
Carol Johnson
James Johnson
Janet  Johnson
Leigh Ann Johnson
Linda Johnson
Lois Johnson
Mary Johnson
Maureen P. Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Carolyn Johnston
Catharine Johnstone
Edythe Joines
G Pownall & Margaret B Jones
Lisa Jones
William & Margaret Jones
David Jordan
John Jornlin
Donald Jost
Patrick Julien
John Jung
Debbie Kaba
Patricia Kalafut
John  & Dorothy Kalbfus
Victor Kaliakin
Kalinowski Family
Barbara Kalman
Ronald Kalmbacher
Kenneth Kammeier
James Kane
Dr. Barry & Shelley Kanofsky
Michael Kanzer
Homi & Shireen Kapadia
Laura Kaplan
Sean Kaplan
Denise Karasic
Julie Karcsh
Caryn Karinshak
Colleen K. Karney
Michael  Karney
John  & Markham Kasper
Jayarajan Kasturi
Mrs. Katz
Eva Kaufmann
Richard & Karen Kearney
Brian  & Jill Keefer
Michael  & Marilyn Keehan
Tara Keeley Snyder
Wendy Keeports
Richard Keesey
Donald & Margaret Keil
Laddie & John Keitch
Kevin  & Leigh Kelleher
Robert & Jennifer Keller
Anthony Kelly
James V. Kelly
Kevin  & Heather Kelly
Megan Kelly
Michael & Patricia Kelly
Stephanie Kelly
Stephen Kelly
Susan Kelly
Kyle Kemmer
Karen Kendus
Poorwa Kenkre
Danny Kennedy
Mark Kennedy
Richard & Kathleen Kennedy
John  & Margaret Kenney
Janet Kenny
Manivanh Keobounnam
Debby L. Kern
Thomas Kerns
Carolann Kersey
Saima Khan
Bonnie Kibbie
Amy Kidd
Robert  & Barbara Kidd
Kiernan Family
Joan Kilburn
Daniel Kim
Sofia Kim
Christine Kimmel
Ernest  & Gabrielle Kimmel
John Kinch
Heather  King
James King
Kathryn King
Michael  & Ellen King
Michael  King
John & Lorraine Kinsey
Terry Kinter
Edward Kirkpatrick
Carole Kirshner
William Kitch
Raymond Klebes
Rhona Klein
Grethe Klingenberg
Michele Klingenberg
April & Christopher Kloxin
Mary Pat Knauss
Thomas & Ann Kneauel
Thomas Kneavel
Marcy Knecht
Kip & Eileen Knight
Loretta Knight
Courtney Knittle
Julane Knobil Julane
Hedvika L. Knoth
Helga Knox
Domenica Domenica
Mary Kobak
Susan Koch
Donald Koenig
Eileen Koenig
Bruce Koepcke
Mary Lou Kolb
Lynda Kolling
Debora Kollmeier
Jo Kolman
Marie Kolynych
Michael Korba
Brenda  Korban
Annalie Korengel
Ajay Korrapati
Robert & Sandra Kostelnik
Michael Kowalski
Bobbi Kozel
Karen Kozlowski
Amy & Thomas Kramer
John Kramer
Kaitlyn Kramer
Sara Krausz
Susan Krausz
Tina Kravetz
Jane S. Krick
Lisa  Krieger
John Kriza
Alan Kronmiller
Peter  & Miriam Kroon
Rosita Krug
Kelly Kuder
Ahila Kugan
Danielle Kuhn
Stephen Kukoda
George Kummeth
Robert & Ellen Kurtz
Hank Kussay
Donald LaBranche
Meghan Lacey
Harvey & Barbara Lacy
Jan Lady-Auld
John Lafemina
Bryan Lagasse
Kay Lahusen
Rick and Nyla Lakr
Jennifer Lalli
Lorraine Lambert
Donna Lamberth
Mary Ann Lammert
Cheryl Lamoreux
Lorraine Landers
David and Janet Lane
Marty Lane
Jessica Lang
Megan Lange
John & Louise Langille
Michael Lanham
Kerry Lankenau
Gordon  & Laura Lantz
Nicholas & Cynthia LaPara
Thomas  & Christine Lapp
Elizabeth Larimer
Barbara Larsen
William & Barbara Larsen
Kara Latham
Dr. Alan Lauder
Kent Laughlin
Mary E. Lavallee
Tabitha Laverty
Amy Law
Carol Law  & Larissa Murphy
Alice  & Jack Lawler
Helen Lawman
Marion Lawrence
Meg Lawrence
Lawrence & Mary Van Deusen
Jan Lawson
Annie Lazorick
Michael Lazzara
David & Susan Lazzeri
Charles Leaberry
Barbara Leadem
James Leader  & Mary Anne
Jacqueline Leahy
Harry Lebowitz
Jee  Lee
Philip Jr. & Sandra Lee
Sandy Lee
Steven Lee
Terri Lee
Virginia Lee
Glenn LeFevre
Richard  & Sara Leff
Richard Leff
Susan Lehnerd
Pamela Leland  & Renna Van Oot
Jennifer Lelinski
Mary Lelinski
Richard & Joyce Lemay
Shannon Lengel
Lisa Lennick
Shannon L. Lennon
Heidi Lentz
Edward & Janet Leo
Michael Leo
Michele Leo
Leslie & David Leonard
Nancy Leonard
Michelle Lerman
Tamatha Leto
Stan Levine
Troy Levitt
Cathy Lewis
Charles & Andrea Lewis
David & Annelise Lewis
Eliza Lewis
Liz Lewis
Madeline Lewis
Stephen Lewis
Mary & Richard Libutti
Marlene Lichtenstadter
Michael Liebman
John Lillis
Sarah Lindauer
Linnea & Theodore Lynch TTEE
Karen Liska
The Gary Liska Family
Matt Lista
David Livingston
Zoe Livingston
Elena Lloyd
Ira Lobis
Michael & Sheila Lobis
Dave Lofe
Lorraine and Don Lofe
Elliott Lofting
Constance Logan
Pat Lolli
Katherine Lombardo
Michele Lombardo
Alice Long
Robin Longen
Traditions at Longwood
Maria Lopez
Martin K. Lord
Patricia Lordi
Aly Lorenz
Lorenzo Lorenzo
William Jr. & Susan Lovejoy
Joanne  Loving
Julia Loving
Kenny Lower
Kit Lozier
Hong Lu
Joe & Robin Lubitsky
Gerald Lucas
Janice Lucas
Kyle Lucas
Frank Luckangelo
Lynne Luettgen
Audrey Lyke
Pat  Lynch
Barbara Lyon
Richard  Lyon
Hilaire Lysle
Patricia Mabry
Christopher & Eileen Macario
Barbara MacArthur
Valerie Machorro
Joseph Mackale
Mark Mackey
Linda Madron
Jacek Madry
Susan Magee
Harriet Magoon
Diane Maguire
Rebecca Maguire
Ian Mair
Alexandra Mairs-Kessler
Barbara Majarian
Rebecca Majeski
Karen Malchione
Michelle Malick
Stavroula Malikopoulos
James Mallon
Alexandra Malone Alexandra
Carol Malovrh
Taylor Mammele
Trisha Mangan
Gina  Mangano-Candy
Stephen  & Caroline Mange
Michael Mangini
Venkatesh Mani
Tracy Mann
Susan Manners
Christopher Manning
James Manning
Jennifer  Manning
Avis  & Louis Mannino
Sandra Manthorpe
Carol Marble
Ralph Marcellus
R Peter Marcozzi
Albert & Frances Marcus
Frederick & Rosemarie Marenco
Christy & Scott Margolin
Tracey Marino
Mindi Marisa
Lauren Markell
Karen Markey & Jessica Wilson
Beverly Marks
Deborah Maroko
Ben Marsden
Carol Marsh MD
Josie Marsh
Karen Marshall
Stacey Martens
Andrea E. Martin
Ann Martin
H. Lynn Martin
John & Margaret Martin
Joseph & Susan Martin
Kevin Martin
Linda Martin
Lynn Martin
Karen Martinelli
Joseph Martinko
Eric  & Sandra Marts
Carol  Marvel
Robert & Maria Masha
David Mason
Marvel Masonry
Jack  & Kathryn Massau
Gregory Masters
Jane Masters
Renee Masters
Robert Matera
Sandra Mather
Agnesann Mathis
Edward Matthews
John  & Susan Matthias
Angela Mattoscio
Eric  Matuszak
Amanda Matyok
Kenneth & Stacie Maucher
Jane Maule
Michael Mawn
Clark & Kari Maxwell
Paula Maxwell
Laura May
Francis  & Marianne Maye
Dana Mayer
Edmund Mayo
John Mazur
Hope E. Mazzeo
Catherine Mc Carthy
William & Deborah McAnally
Reina McAndrew
John  McAuley
Christine Mcbougall
Jennifer McBride
Michael McCabe
James McCaffrey
Andrew McCall
Shannon Mccammat
Edward McClatchy
John McClelland
Joan Mcclintock
Lucy  McClung
Jacklyn McCord
Thomas McCown
Charles McCoy
Robert & Eleanor McCoy
Cornelius Mccutchan
Gretchen McDermott
Lynn McDevitt
Christine McDonald
Jennifer McDonald
Kathleen McDonald
Janis McDonnell
John & Patricia McDonough
Douglas & Sandra McDougall
Jennifer McElhattan
Shannon McElwain
Gerald  & Kathleen McFarren
Francis  & Joanette McGeoch
Francis McGrail
Laurie McGraw
Gene  & Kristen McGrory
Helen  & John McHale
Kathryn McHale
Gib & Marian McIlvain
Amy McKay
Raymond McKay
Marylou McKee
Kenneth McKelvey
Patrick McKenna
Leslie McKeon
Lynn Mckernan
E. Richard & Linda McKinstry
William & Carol McLachlan
Pamela A. McLaughlin
Jennifer McMillan
Lowell McMullin
Victoria McNabb McIntosh
Frank & Lorraine McNally
Lynn McNaughton
Douglas McNicol
Rhoda McNitt
Barbara & Michaele L. McPherson
Rosemary McPherson O.D.
Meghan Mcquiston
Tyra McQuiston
Kevin McShane
Lori McWilliams
David Meadows
John D. Meadows
Robert Medley
Lindsey Meehan
Brendan Megee
Carol L. Mellen
James & Elizabeth Mellon
Kurt & Janet Menkes
Thomas Mento
David Mercner
Brenda J. Mercomes
Elizabeth Meredith
Thomas Mergenthaler
Jennifer Merrill
Richard & Margaret Merryman
Stephen Mershon
Jeannie Messa
Lauren Messick
Jeri Metallo
Kimberly Metcalf
John Metz
David & Sandra Meyers
Karen Meyers
William Michael
Lindsey Michelini
Arthur & Rosemarie Michl
Diane Micklin
Thomas Mieczkowski
Jean Mihelcic
Gwendolyn  Miley
Andrew Miller
Cynthia Miller
Dan Miller
George Miller
Karl Miller
Michael Miller
Regina Miller
Robert Miller
Sandra Miller
Carrie Miller-Baichi
John Milner
Susan M. Minarchi
Dale & Shelley Mincer
Dennis & Carol Minch
Susan Miner
Laura Minnick
Scott Minor
Michael & Kyle Miscoski
Stephanie Mistretta
Chad Mitchell
Ella Mitchell
Gary  & Joanne Mitchell
Virginia Mitchell
Earl & Marcia Mix
Jamie Molinaro
Jeffrey Monaco
Joseph  & JoAnne Monaco
Kathryn Monahan
Joyce Monigal
Michelle  Montgomery
Dale Moore
Johathon Moore
David Moorhead
Maryellen Moran
Leigh Morello
Ross Morgan
Ruth Morgan
Pam Moriarty
Joseph Moritz
Jarl Mork
Kristin Mork-McVeigh
Shahrokh  & Ruth Morovati
Cynthia Morris
Eliza Morris
Lynn Morrison
Alexander & Margaret Morze
Marian  Moskowitz
David Moughalian
David & Toni Mount
Jessica Moutenot-Small
Douglass  Mowrey
Debbie Moyer
Joann Moyer
Lynnsey Moyer
Michael Moyer CLU ChFC
Pamela Mrjenovich
Chris Mrozinski
Peter Mrozinski
Doris Mucha
Leslie Mudge
Monica Muehsam
Melissa Mueller Gildea
David & Estrellita Mueller
Marie Mullen
Maryanne Mullen
Sharon Mulligan
Elizabeth Munson
Daniel Murphy
Ethel Ann Murphy
Hillary  Murray
Anthony Musacchio
David & Susan Myers
Dennis  & Shirley Myers
Diane Myers
Douglas  & Kimberlee Myers
Jeff Myers
Robert  Myers
Darren Nadin
Nancy Jammer Naeve
Tom  & Ann Nale
Deborah  & Bernard Nangle
Elizabeth Nanis
Judith Napieralski
Nithya Narayan
John & Regina Narcise
Anthony Nardozzi
Tracy Nasarenko
Debra Natale
Susan Natale
Marina Navarro-Peiper
Doris Negron
Erika Neidhardt
John and Terri Neill
Mark V. Nelms
David Nelson & Judith Gibson
Delores Nelson
Richard Nelson
Tracy Nelson
Jason Nepa
S. R. & B. A. Neufeld
Jay  & Gail Newcomer
Leslie Newman
Sharon Newman
Jamie Nguyen
Daniel  Nicewonger
Joseph Nicholas III
Clover Nicholas
Heather  Nicholas
John Nichols
Katrina Nichols
Kristin Nicholson
Betsy Niedziejko
Brian Niezabytowski
Sushani Nigam
Maxwell W. Nimeck
Suzanne Noble
Anita Nolan
Michelle Nolan
Julie Noolan
Virginia North
Thomas Norton
Ryan Nuechterlein
Carlie E. Numi
Jack Nystrow
Kate O’Boyle
John and Kim O’Brien
Margaret O’Brien
Ronald & Marie O’Brien
Jean A. O’Donnell
Michael O’Donnell
Kevin W. O’Hara & Lynn Jensen Worden
Brian O’hare
Kristina  O’Leary
John and Judy O’Neal
Michael O’Neil
Kristin O’Neill
Bobbie O’Sullivan
Brian Oakes
Patrick Obal
Susan Obara
Brennan Obetz
June Obrien
Paul  & Ann Ochs
Rachael Odorisio
Herbert Oettgen
Edgard Oexner
Kathryn OKeefe
Michael Olafsson
Joseph Olivieri
Patricia Ollinger
Isabel Olmsted
Gary & Lisa Olsen
Nancy Olson
Jean ONeil
Kevin ONeil
Laurie ONeill
William Oneill
Christina Orcutt
Janice Orlov
Dianna ORourke
Emil Orozco
Dorothy Ortaldo
Charlene Ortega
Norma Ortiz
Judith Ortolano
Jeff Ostroff
Alisa Otteni
Michael Otterblad
David Otto
Lawrence & Alice Owens
Ron Ozer
Candace & Andris Ozols
Melissa Pacella
Kelly Pacilio
Elisa Pagnotti
Denise Palahunik
William & Kerry Palin
Kathleen Palmer
Sally  Palmer
Sarah Palmer
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Photo Descriptions

in order from top to bottom

Photo 1:

One of the many health clinics held at KACS.  KACS partnered with the Chester County Health Department to distribute 50+ vaccines in the community this spring. In this photo Executive Director Leah Reynolds receives her flu shot at our flu shot clinic in partnership with Jennersville Hospital. KACS continues our relationships with many community partners to always offer care to our families in need.

Photo 2:

A family sought assistance to move into a 3-bedroom home in West Grove in February 2021. They paid for the grandmother, their two small children, a cousin and a cousin’s child to fly to the U.S. Due to plane tickets and several other unexpected expenses, they had a very short time frame to come up with first month’s rent and security deposit before their family arrived from Venezuela. The couple fled to the U.S. for political amnesty and had not seen their two small children in almost two years. During that time, the children stayed with their grandmother. KACS assisted with both the deposit, first month’s rent, and furniture. Due to some immigration issues in Venezuela, all their flights were delayed, and the trip was in jeopardy. However, around mid-April the immigration issues were resolved, and the family was reunited. The picture we took was shortly after the children arrived to the United States for the first time. The Family brought them in person so that they could thank KACS for assisting them with their home.

Photo 3:

KACS shopper with his groceries of choice during the Food Cupboard re-opening May 13, 2021.

Photo 4:

From left Leah Reynolds Executive Director, Lynn Engle Volunteer, Nancy Tapia Participant Advocate Administrator, Tom Engle Volunteer, Lola Alamanza Food Cupboard Data Assistant, Jess Peterson Community Coordinator, Jamie Phillips Volunteer

Photo 5:

We are thrilled with the return of KACS Garden Project. KACS successfully grew a variety of vegetables including eggplant, a variety of tomatoes both big and small, tomatillos, bell peppers, hot red chili peppers, jalapeños, cilantro, basil, and cucumbers with the help of our Inventory and Warehouse Associate Britney Bautista along with some of the KACS community.

Photo 6:

Ross, a 10-year-old student at Hillendale Elementary School with his grandmother and mother, visited KACS with the Lightstream video crew to spotlight the amazing work he has done setting up his own online business. Ross worked on this site during the pandemic & has been donating some of the proceeds of his sales to help KACS help others. We are inspired and grateful for Ross and his incredible generosity. He has donated over $300.00 to KACS.